schematics for a .44 magnum, aka schematics for a .44 magnum, magnum, 44, and schematics

This little booklet shows you how to make your very own .44 magnum hand pistol. There are parts lists, blow-up drawings, assembly instructions and even a coupon for a one-day pass to Wound World firearm fun park! There's a full-color photo of a policeman subduing a dark-skinned gentleman.

It tells you how to make a .44 magnum with the following components:

1 - brick of quick-mold plastic
1 - firearm trigger assembly
1 - firearm breech assembly
1 - ammunition magazine assembly
1 - short steel pipe
1 - firearm sight assembly

Making this would take serious expertise in craft and good familiarity with pistols.
In the upper right corner is a note: 'First discovered by Dr. Dr.Crowley.'

It weighs about 100 grams. It is a gun schematic. You have no idea what it might be worth.