schematic for a VoxGuard Platinum Logic Module, aka schematic for a VoxGuard Platinum Logic Module, VoxGuard Platinum Logic Module schematic, VoxGuard Logic Module schematic, VoxGuard Module schematic, and VoxGuard schematic

A detailed set of schematics which show you how to build the circuits required for the electronic brains of a Voxguard Platinum lock.

It tells you how to make a VoxGuard Platinum Logic Module with the following components:

4 - microprocessors
3 - multi-chip module Is
1 - multi-chip module II
3 - circuit boards
2 - LEDs
12 - ferrule fuses
1 - small loudspeaker
1 - pink tamagotchi
4 - electromagnetic dissipation assemblies
10 - capacitors
4 - transformers
4 - broken battery packs
6 - gold wires
1 - brick of quick-mold plastic
2 - confabulators
1 - keypad circuit
2 - class III lasers

Making this would take expertise in craft and a complete mastery of hack.
In the upper right corner is a note: 'First discovered by Dr. rice.'

It weighs about 100 grams. It is a electromechanical schematic. You have no idea what it might be worth.