People with science skill use research simulators to "discover" the crafting instructions for items. Here is a list of things we've researched so far. To do this, we need to put the unique items that make up the target, and run the simulator. Try breaking an item to find out what it is made of.

You must have 1 raw science to use the simulator, or you will just end up hurting yourself. Using the simulator is as follows:

  1. Open the simulator.
  2. Insert one of a suspected "raw material" (not the finished product) into the simulator.
  3. Close the simulator.
  4. Start the simulator.

Starting the simulator open will hurt you and possibly destroy the items sitting in it.

The simulator will then be going through a simulation cycle, where the length is determined by how good your skill in science is. Once it finishes, you get a chance to earn an IP in science. If you are outside of the room, the first person to enter will receive the sim cycle finish message, and get the chance at earning a science IP. From here, one of three things can happen:

  • No hits.
The electromechanical research simulator beeps three times.  "PLAUSIBILITY ANALYSIS COMPLETE."

"Considering 0 vector crossings."

The item either is not used in making an item OR it cannot be used as the first item to sim (maybe because it is too commonly used in making other items).

  • Multiple hits.

You'll have to pick "targets" with the pick command. You won't know what the items are, but the sim will tell you how many unique items total are required. Once you pick one, see the next point for details.

  • A single hit.

From here, the sim will prompt you to add more items. This is the only time where it is completely safe to have more than one item in the sim at once. If you get no hints, close the sim and start another cycle. A hint will be either a specific item, or a class of item which you can see according to appraise. Some are more descriptive than others (a chemicals vs. a thing). Once you add the item, close the sim, and run the sim, it will tell you whether the item is required or useless.

The five sims are:

  • Electromechanical, useful for making all sorts of very useful items, including cocoons. Anything you can provide a technobabble explanation as to why it requires electricity goes here. Usually schematics are assembled on an electronics workbench.
  • Ballistics, which generates instructions for pistols, rifles, ammo, parts to make more advanced items of the previous, and some armor. Usually schematics are assembled on a gunsmith's workbench.
  • Biochemical, which generates instructions for healing items, items that affect stats (i.e.: rapenades), food items (silly), and protocols to make living things. Protocols cannot actually be used to make anything, because nobody but Zed has the genetics bench. Apparently they are useless anyway, because they just create the mob as it would exist normally - hostile to you. Useful items are generally made on the chemistry set, whereas foods are cooked on the cooking oven.
  • Metallurgical, pretty much useless because of unenthusiastic admin contribution - stuff involving melting down metals to make bars, and the ability to make plain gold rings (but not adding gems to them, which give them bling)
  • Food Co-Processor lets you research food recipes. This sim can be built instead of bought from Admins.

Other benches include the sewing machine to make clothes and armor, the carpentry bench to make furniture, and the forge in the mines to make swords.