Game descriptionEdit

recipe for a mortilex hypo, aka recipe for a mortilex hypo, recipe, and mortilex

An aging piece of slick paper with strange symbols and obscure jargon written on it. The legend MORTILEX PROTOCOL (HFLEP-4) is inscribed across the top in block red letters.
Scrawled underneath the chemical procedures is a message in spidery handwriting: "Henry - They tried to keep this from you. This will keep you safe from the reanimated dead. May God have mercy on us all."

It tells you how to make a mortilex hypo with the following components:
1 - empty syringe
1 - zombie brain

Making this would take decent familiarity with medic and some familiarity with chemistry.
It weighs about 100 grams. It is a medical protocol. You think it might fetch about $390 on the market.



put all syringe in set
put all brain in set
ass mortilex with set
take all hypo from set