pattern for forming a disruptor body, aka pattern for forming a disruptor body and pattern for forming a disruptor body

A orange piece of paper, it show a fantastical gun that could disrupt someone and make them explode, signed "Nikola Tesla, Age 12". On the back, it seems someone was struck by this idea and immediately drew up plans for the body of such a weapon.

It tells you how to make a disruptor body with the following components:

2 - ceramic plates
3 - bottles of PCB
1 - brick of quick-mold plastic
1 - broken LCD

Making this would take expertise in craft and decent familiarity with chemistry.
In the upper right corner is a note: 'First discovered by Dr. Mservo.'

It weighs about 100 grams. It is a electromechanical schematic. You have no idea what it might be worth.