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Your journal records all the unique experiences you have had.

Journal EntriesEdit


XP Name Description Notes
1 The End +100,000xp
1500 missile commander Launched the Colossus missile. You inhuman bastard. Talk to Mechatravolta in SpaceOrg (doesn't complete it, but tells you what to do).
1000 Missile Comdooder Clamenza and a few other people got this for using a portalgun to nuke Freedom City with the Colossus.
1000 chud genocide Murdered every chud in the sewers. Self explanatory.
800 Edith's Dolly Returned Edith's dolly to her. Speak a password aloud to get into the locked room and find her doll. Ask her about her dad for clues to find the words.
1000 gleaming the cube Survived the monstrous CUBE. No one will ever believe you. Escape the cube.
1000 scribe Wrote down your wisdom for future generations. Contribute to the official wiki or help files, then tell an admin.
500 brundlechud Genetically engineered the horrific BrundleChud. Get chud meat and a bug egg, go past the catwalk, combine the two in the recombination pod and incubate the new egg. You don't have to kill the brundlechud.
800 redneck nuker yeehaa! kablooey! Set off the nuke hidden in Glowstiller. There's a hidden trail behind the messy trailer, follow it, go below the distillery to near the end of the path, and if you're fast head south, inspect warhead and get out before Grandpappy can attack you.
600 matter compiler Used the ancient matter compiler to make valuable metals. At the chemical plant, look at the console for the stats on gold(Au), then turn the dials up both ladders to match the numbers.
750 Null's Salvation Destroyed all the Shoggoth spawn for Null. Rewards a deathsuit.
500 enlightenment Achieved enlightenment in the Kakuri monastery. Solve the enlightenment quest. Rewards a clusternuke pellet.
650 oil baron Refined and sold some gasoline from the refinery. Do the Oil Baron quest. 30k for 100% tank fill.
500 evangelist Wrote delicious lies about Hell. Advertise hellmoo outside of the hellmoo world.
500 rampage Did lots of obviously naughty things. Get 200 FCPD stars.
500 bad lieutenant Judge, jury and executioner for The Man. Kill a criminal while an enforcer contract is active.
500 crack bomber Terror-bombed the crack mansion. Set off a metal suitcase inside the crack mansion. Rewards $5,000.
500 electrical engineer Restored power to the Slagtown subway station. Check generator to see what parts you need, then repair with the parts. Flip the breaker box.
500 gun dealer Got an invite to 77Jack's arms dealership. Shoot the targets in the gun range in Corpclave until you get a score sheet, hand this to 77Jack (he's in the room beside the targets during the day). Then knock on his house a couple west from there to check out his private gun stash. Note that as you get the XP award for actually entering his shop. 77Jack will attack you if you don't turn in a score sheet.
400 nodachi Got the lotus nodachi on Kakuri island. Drink three times from the fountain in the Kakuri island temple, then go search the kitchen in the east. You should find a door down, leading to a hallway. Follow the hallway west to the nodachi case. If your path is blocked, you were too slow and have to go drink again.
500 sealab flooder Killed the deep one abomination, and flooded the sealab. Self explanatory.
500 shoggoth tunnels Found your way down into the shoggoth tunnels. Solve the puzzle of the altar underneath the Orphanage.
500 UFO Mechanic Fixed the crashed UFO at the crater rim. Find a green spiral notebook in the redneck encampment and translate it from Linear B. Repair the UFO with a rod or bar of something radioactive (not nearby) and a part from the Truckasaurus.
500 ka9q Decoded a message from space Observatory Walkthrough
450 WOPR Beat the supercomputer WOPR at its own game. Get an RFID for the biolock in subway, then floppy disk from past there.
400 baby farmer Sacrificed your firstborn to the shoggoth. Bring a live baby to a cultist room below orphanage.
400 gorton's fisherman Slew the Kraken. Fishsticks for all! Kraken is in sewers. It's fuckin badass.
400 hellboy Killed the Hellboy and took his gun. Hellboy wanders south necropolis, carries samaritan.
400 will smith Shot down a damn UFO! BOO-YA, ALIEN BITCH! Shoot down the UFO with a ground-to-air missile such as a stinger missile.
350 airlocked Died in the frigid hell of hard vacuum. Die in space. Brawler accomplished this by pissing off an admin and getting teleported to orbit.
350 baby back ribs pt2 For one baby a day, you can keep a cannibal fed. Give Alfred Packer ('ragged traveler') who travels the western road a JnW's Special Baby Back Ribs.
350 basement dweller Fell victim to crowbar's trap. Fall into Crowbar's basement north of Weezer.
350 cannon Fired a live grenade from the cannon on the pirate ship. Self explanatory.
350 egg harvest Killed the bug queen for her eggs. Self explanatory.
300 buddha on the road Met buddha on the road. Killed him. Buddha randomly showed up at the FC clone bank.
300 chimaeraslayer Cleaned the gene pool of the hideous Chimaera. Chimaera is in the lower part of Underground Mine.
300 cowcatcher Hit by a train! Get hit by the train in necropolis.
300 explorer! You've been all over the place. Got this at the same time as bone panther's friend, not sure what caused it.
300 Venus Made a notable female description Self explanatory, badmin awarded.
300 David Made a notable male description Self explanatory, badmin awarded.
300 fightclub Passed the Fight Club initiation. Beat everyone in the prison fight club. While wanted, walk into prison with a weapon. Stow it in a container so you can enter the fight ring, take it out once you're inside.
300 KKK Burned a cross on Dr. Kigabe's doorstep. Self explanatory.
300 talkradio Killed the insane racist talk radio host. Kill Savage Michael at Stormfront
250 baby back ribs A tasty alternative to a back alley abortion. Bring a mutant baby to the JW in north Freedom City. Kill the baby in front of Carlos.
250 cousteau Explored the abandoned sealab. Uh, yeah.
250 Demon Killer Killed an agent of Satan for Prchr. Kill a Shoggoth Spawn.
250 furnace Found the hidden passage in the orphanage furnace. Set the thermostat in the orphanage basement to 50, then enter the furnace once it lies dormant.
250 geocacher Found ten geocaches. Self explanatory.
200 Belly of the Beast Wading through a horde of the undead. Go to the room above where the four-armed zombie resides in the deepest part of the Bradbury basement.
200 bonepanther's friend Made friends with a VERY large kitty. Pet the bonepanther in the Open Prarie.
200 curly moustache oh he's so pringles Earned by defeating someone at the arcade in a game.
200 godvictim Killed by the gods for no good reason. Awarded when you are killed by the gods when you did not bring it upon yourself (eg, prayers will not get you this).
200 ghostbuster You are seriously not afraid of no ghost. Drop a Mk I PK trap (bought from the CSICOPS office) on the ground and kill a ghost in the same room.
200 the furnisher Used your surroundings to finish the job. Perform any fatality that uses the area to finish the job.
175 agnes' secret Blackmailed Sister Agnes with her nasty secret in the basement. Find a photo of Agnes in the cult cavern below the Orphanage and hand it to her.
150 hobbyist Spent your time collecting a bunch of momentos. Collect ten trophies and put them in a trophy case.
150 demolition man Detonate the dynamite in Pike Street Station. The dynamite is strapped to some rubble in the northern end of the tunnels.
150 Charnold Hunted down and killed the Charnold. The Charnold is behind a door in the sewers.
150 millionaire Made a million clams, in the parlance of our times. Self explanatory.
150 mr. hands Dreaming of horses. Assfucked the horse in the eyeball humanitymoo drug dream.
150 otaku Made a tamagotchi happy. You loser. Keep playing with the tamagotchi until it reaches max happiness.
150 soulthief Trapped some poor sucker's soul in a pentagram. Inscribe a pentagram using a red chalk from the satanist church, then kill in front of it.
125 hitler Found the final solution to the criminal problem. Turn the switch to from "TEMPORARY" to "FINAL" found in the room north of the showers in the basement of the prison. If there are people in the shower at the time, you'll get this entry.
100 rumormonger Find a note containing a rumor. The note will crumple after you read it, but likely mentions an item in development or something similar.
100 air supply Brought the gate trooper his favorite album. Buy or find the air supply minidisc and give it to the gate trooper at Corpclave.
100 bully You were a total dick to some poor nerd. Give a nerd a swirlie in the north toilet, Nukem 2f.
100 finish him! Executed fifty fatalities. Pretty self explanatory.
100 fisherman Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Catch a fish.
100 fishkeeper Kept sea creatures imprisoned in your apartment for fun. Put three fish in a fishtank in your apartment.
100 hostage Took a hostage at gunpoint. Brandish a gun at a civilian.
100 huffer Dumb enough to huff paint. Self explanatory.
100 kurt You hate yourself and want to die. Kill yourself with a shotgun, easily done in the quake dream.
100 moonshiner Hooked Care Dog up with some moonshine. Hang around Care Dog in Any Port and he'll tell you he wants moonshine.
100 thuggin Jacked some poor clone for his credit. Spare an NPC begging for you not to kill them.
100 sackmaster Master of the hackysack. Kick a hackeysack (from the survival shop) 10 times. This is easier with someone else and you can both get journals for it.
100 Usagi Yojimbo The rabbit died. And dropped a hosaka daikatana. Usagi wanders around in Necropolis, sometimes teleports when you get him low. Drops a Hosaka Daikatana.
75 basejumper Parachuted off a building. Wow. Wow! Easiest done off of the Weyland-Utani tower in Corpclave.
69 69 HUALHULUGALUHGA Simultaneous oral.
69 minge binge! What a nice smelling nice smell. sniff some panties.
50 the serenest Won a staring contest. stare person on bar
50 over the top Won an arm-wrestling match. armwrestle person on bar
50 footstrong Buzzed Neil Armstrong's footprint. stamp footprint on the moon!
50 Fonzie You restarted the jukebox in AP. You're so goddamn cool. thump jukebox in Any Port.
50 bad dream Fucked your own dad in a dream. What the hell, man? fuck dad in your dream.
50 Brainstorm Made a good suggestion. Thanks! Received from Gilmore when I paged him about finding a bolted homecam on a crackhead corpse.
50 breeder The miracle of childbirth! Get pregnant as a female.
50 cancer cure Discovered a non-cure for cancer. Push the button on the machine in Meds 4 Less.
50 cherry popper Devirginized someone. Fuck a virgin for this one.
50 crocodile hunter Went for a swim with a bull stingray. Be swimming on the same tile as the stingray on the coast.
50 date rape Made sweet love to that special passed-out something. Rape an unconscious person.
50 d-p It's not gay if there's vagina in between. Be the bread or meat in a human sandwich.
50 dreams of before Was it all just a dream? Finish character creation.
50 Father Flannigan Gave some orphans a reason to live. Drop a TV in the television room in the orphanage.
50 giblets Showered the area with gibs. Get blown up.
50 pinkslip Got fired. Literally. Get a corp discipline implant and have it get set off by the corp head.
50 Rashomon Returned Ghost Dog's paperback. Self explanatory. Ghost Dog can be found in gangland.
50 red ribbon Discovered the ancient African AIDS cure. Have AIDS and fuck a virgin (orphans are good). Cures your AIDS.
50 Roshi Defeated Master Roshi in combat Kill Roshi Heihachi at the Kakuri Island Monastery.
50 soylent feast Nothing beats the home made stuff! Process a corpse using the RDCD unit in the Municipal Recycling Center.
50 Star Wars Collected all the Star Wars figures. Self explanatory.
50 eye contact Made eye contact with someone far, far away. Look through the coin-op binoculars at the AP heliport.
25 rats off to ya Killed the legendary gangman Rat Fatzo in your dreams. Kill Rat Fatso in the humanitymoo dream.
25 schoolgirl Dressed up like a schoolgirl. Self explanatory.
20 conet Intercepted the conch shell transmission. Listen to a conch until you hear a code.
13 Pope Hugger Crocodylus Pontifex Grab the Space Pope, who can be found in gangland.
1 retroactive autoabortion Took the easy way out. Coward. Kill yourself.
1 Lumberjackin' Have you been lumberjackin', boy? Chop down trees with a chainsaw

You've had 94/383 unique experiences, for 20330/58615 XP.


achievements or journal achievements

XP Name Description Notes
800 bad ass! You're a baaaaaad motha. talkradio, Roshi, Charnold, Usagi Yojimbo, gorton's fisherman, chimaeraslayer, hellboy, and some other journals all contribute to this.
650 turing machine 10 PRINT 'UR GAY' 20 GOTO 10 Follow the directions given on this page.
600 eureka! Discovered a manufacturing process. Discover a new recipe using a simulator.
600 satanist! Made a reputation for flamboyant evil. Do a lot of horribly evil journals, stuff like sacrificing babies and soulstealing.
500 Heart of Darkness When you gaze into the abyss. Reach the abyss in the heart of necropolis.
500 Mount Fisty Climbed treacherous Mount Fisty. Go you! I did it with 13 climb, and the help of speed hypos and grappling hooks. Bring cold weather gear.
500 mad bomber! You're the midnight bomber...who bombs at midnight. crack bomber, redneck nuker, cannon, enlightenment, missile commander, (possibly one other bomb journal)--do five of six to get this metaquest
400 pornstar Starred in a certain film...early in your career. Film a porn. Tell admins.
400 jailbreak Broke out of panopticon and survived. Escape panopticon and have your implant removed before you die.
400 mob doc Used your medical skills to help a fugitive escape justice. Remove the panopticon cortex implant from a prison escapee.
350 hit man Committed murder for hire. Kill a player who has a Fat Ratzo bounty.
300 mad scientist! Made a reputation as a mad scientist. Do a lot of journal entries that involve using your brains.
300 crime boss! Made a reputation as a hardcore criminal. Complete cop killer, hit man, bounty hunter, gun dealer, and racketeer.
300 racketeer Offered 'protection' to a local business. Get a protection contract by sparing a shopkeeper's life. Try killing Captain Andy in the crack mansion for this.
250 bounty hunter Iced 10 targets for Fat Ratzo. Self explanatory.
250 pervert! Made a reputation as a disgusting pervert. Get a bunch of sex-related journals/achievements.
250 freakbane Zed's dead, baby. Kill any hideous freak.
150 bloodsucker Had a taste of the red stuff. Drink blood. Licking a bloodstain works.
100 milker Collected milk from the source. Milk a pregnant woman using a milk pail.
100 vampire slayer Sent a bloodsucker back to Hell. Kill anything that's infected with the vampirism disease.
100 borat Freed your country. Throw a member of JEWS down the well outside Edith's. No, seriously.
100 cop killer Offed a cop. You hard mothafucka you. Cap a pig, yo.
100 mile high club Sex on a plane! Have sex with another player in mid air (helicopter, plane, etc.)
100 SRS Had your genitalia reorganized Tell Dr. Nick "reassignment" and pay the 2000 fee.
50 Andrew Meyer Got brutalized by the police. Get enough FCPD stars for a C3-50 to chase you, then while fighting it,
-c3 don't tase me bro
50 chiyo's hairbun Chiyo thought you were amusing. Niklas got it for playing along with the SaintNiklas namerape.
50 ankou star Ankou was pleased with you. Ankou gave this out to people who attended the AP performance SamuelClemens put on, and the people who cooperated with him about the shokmaster lock problem.
50 gilmore star Gilmore thought you was funny. Gilmore gave me this when I offered him a raw pork chop to apologise for walking around a bunch of rooms he had just created like three minutes ago!
50 jed star Some admin thought you was funny. Jed gave me this for my honesty in revealing the presence of the MYSTERY SACK OF AWESOME.
50 joe's chippy star Joe thought you were honest. Joe gave this to me for being honest about the corkboard I had from FCPD HQ.
50 Servums' star 666 Servums wishes you to die a slightly less painful death. Servums gave this to me when we pointed out that our stereo gave the room over 1000 chill.
50 tentacle sex Did it the way the gods of Japan intended: with tentacles. Pretty obvious. I got it by raping the Shoggoth under the orphanage.
25 aficionado Just couldn't stay away. Logged in on 12/25/08
10 kitten killer Didn't think of the kittens, wanker. Wank a certain amount of times.
9 penectomy Hope it was worth it. process meat with RDCD in recycling center, or fuck a roomba
7 The R Crumb Like a couple of dang spider monkeys. Wank while already wanking.
1 retroactive autoabortion Took the easy way out. Coward. Kill yourself.
1 art frahm Science can't explain celery's panty powers. Wear some sort of pants and pull celery from a celery plant (Kakuri 2nd floor)
1 baby killer Terminated an inconvenient pregnancy. Coat hanger.
1 beefalo tipper Had some fun at the beefalo's expense. You jackass. tip a beefalo.
1 bukakke Received a Japan-style shower of friendship. Have someone wank on <you>.
1 bum a smoke Bummed a smoke to a chobo. You mensch! Give a chobo a cig.
1 butcher Butchered the meat of your victims for sale as food. Sell meat to the guy in the back of Jack n' Wendys.
1 candiru Shared your urethra with the candiru fish. Got it by peeing while swimming in the water east of slagtown. Also a popular admin punishment.
1 chick diddler You did WHAT? Fuck a fuck chicken.
1 cybersex Jacked in and got off. Sex in the matrix.
1 dork cast the one ring into the fires of mount fisty. dork. Bring a gold ring and a travelling cloak to the top of Mount Fisty. Wear the travelling cloak, then feed hibachi with gold ring.
1 emo lol. Kill yourself with a razor blade.
1 feeding tube Did it Terri Schiavo-style. Oral.
1 defiler Defiled a corpse. Sexually. You're not proud of it. Necrophilia.
1 gloryhole Performed a public service at the toilet stalls. Toilet sex.
1 golden shower Watering for sport. Pee on yourself.
1 happyfood Eaten by a tiny happy friend. Find a HappyFriend doll and keep it in your inventory until it bites you.
1 James Kopp Saved the unborn by murdering a doctor. Kill Doctor Slepian in the alley by Clone Arrangers.
1 ruptured Ruptured the very fabric of the world. Way to go! Cause an error.
1 seppuku Took the honorable way out. Kill yourself.
1 skipper Skipped a stone across the water. skip a stone on the water, easily done at the North Beach.
1 teabagger I wanna dip my BALLS in it! teabag <person>.
1 the clap Contracted an unfortunate social disease. Get the STD.
1 whore Sold your body to the night. ROXANNE! fuck an NPC when they are horny.
1 zombified Returned from the grave as a pitiful zombie. Receive zombie disease and don't cure it.
1 snitch Turned someone in to the admins for breaking rules. I turned myself in after accidentally looting a bag of admin gear and forgetting to hand over a custom needle pistol.

Species HuntEdit

kills or journal kills

XP Name Description
20 killed a citizen Killed a citizen.
36 killed a prisoner Found a prisoner and killed it.
20 killed a truck stop Killed a truck stop dog.
20 killed an orphan Killed an orphan.
60 killed a yacatisma c Found a yacatisma cultist and killed it.
36 killed a juicer Found a juicer and killed it.
60 killed a small rat Found a small rat from the projects and killed it.
20 killed a slagtown mo Killed a slagtown monkey.
20 killed a chicken Killed a chicken.
20 killed a kitten Killed a kitten. For real.
96 killed a scumbag Killed a scumbag.
144 killed a chobo Killed a chobo.
36 killed a sewer beetl Found a sewer beetle and killed it.
120 killed a chud Found a chud and killed it.
36 killed a humanitymoo Found a humanitymoo griefer and killed it.
20 killed a stoner Killed a stoner.
20 killed a wild dog Killed a wild dog.
36 killed a hentai nurs Found a hentai nurse and killed it.
36 killed a hospital pa Found a hospital patient and killed it.
36 killed a gatekeeper Found a gatekeeper and killed it.
108 killed an ITLAPD pir Found an ITLAPD pirate and killed it.
108 killed a pirate Killed a pirate.
60 killed a ship rat Found a ship rat and killed it.
48 killed a river squid Found a river squid and killed it.
36 killed a weezerite Found a weezerite and killed it.
144 killed a crackhead Killed a crackhead.
20 killed a crack baby Killed a crack baby.
120 killed a babymomma Found a babymomma and killed it.
20 killed a gangland ci Killed a gangland citizen.
48 killed a chomologist Found a chomologist and killed it.
216 killed a chomo guard Found a chomo guard and killed it.
120 killed a nipposervul Found a nipposervulant and killed it.
156 killed a nippoinitia Found a nippoinitiate and killed it.
60 killed a sentry droid Found a sentry droid and killed it.
108 killed a beefalo Found a beefalo and killed it.
84 killed a chobo (shar Found a chobo (sharpton) and killed it.
84 killed a large rat - Found a large rat - basement and killed it.
84 killed a large rat Found a large rat from the projects and killed it.
168 killed a giant rat - Found a giant rat - projects - Apartment 318 - #5751 and killed it.
36 killed a robot Found a robot and killed it.
20 killed a domokun Killed a domokun.
20 killed a mountain pa Killed a mountain pass bandit.
108 killed a cave bandit Found a cave bandit and killed it.
120 killed a cave rat Found a cave rat and killed it.
60 killed a chuman Found a chuman and killed it.
96 killed a bat Found a bat and killed it.
144 killed a tusker Found a tusker and killed it.
20 killed a rock leech Killed a rock leech.
336 or 224 killed a suicide bom Found a suicide bomber and killed it.
36 killed a blue sky to Found a blue sky tower occupant and killed it.
20 killed a yeti Killed a yeti.
36 killed a bird Found a bird and killed it.
20 killed a cave chukka Killed a cave chukka.
120 killed a pregnant te Found a pregnant teenager and killed it.
108 killed a mutant shar Found a mutant shark and killed it.
20 killed a vampire hun Killed a vampire hunter.
168 killed a redneck Found a redneck and killed it.
216 killed an armordillo Found an armordillo and killed it.
120 killed a nerdling Found a nerdling and killed it.
144 killed a googlepede Found a googlepede and killed it.
48 killed a chomoninja Found a chomoninja and killed it.
96 killed a sea chud Found a sea chud and killed it.
300 killed an arachno Found an arachno and killed it.
600 killed a jigsurgeon Found a jigsurgeon and killed it.
600 killed a grindroid Found a grindroid and killed it.
600 killed a drilliac Found a drilliac and killed it.
36 killed a lurleener Found a lurleener and killed it.
240 killed an angry soda Found an angry soda machine and killed it.
20 killed a bunny Killed a bunny.
144 killed a vampire bat Found a vampire bat and killed it.
240 killed a giant cave Found a giant cave spider and killed it.
420 killed a monstrosity Found a monstrosity and killed it.
72 killed a Necropolis Found a Necropolis DeadBot and killed it.
108 killed a giant rat - Found a giant rat - projects - Apartment 210 and killed it.
480 killed a blue scream Found a blue screamer and killed it.
240 killed a spammer Found a spammer and killed it.
144 killed a chuman guar Found a chuman guard and killed it.
20 killed a porcuswine Killed a porcuswine.
36 killed a luskentryan Found a luskentryan child and killed it.
36 killed a luskentryan Found a luskentryan and killed it.
240 killed a mutant baby Found a mutant baby and killed it.
36 killed a strip-club Found a strip-club bouncer and killed it.
20 killed a stripper Killed a stripper.
12 killed an offspring Found an offspring and killed it.
96 killed a chukka Found a chukka and killed it.
312 killed a shoggoth sp Found a shoggoth spawn and killed it.
36 killed a clown Found a clown and killed it.
20 killed a carnie Killed a carnie.
36 killed a molegull Found a molegull and killed it.
108 killed a giant rat # Found a giant rat from the projects in the parking garage and killed it.
108 killed a giant rat # Found a giant rat from the projects in apartment 305 and killed it.
84 killed a large rat - Found a large rat - projects - Indoor/Outdoor and killed it.
108 killed a projects th Found a projects thug and killed it.
36 killed a bull stingr Found a bull stingray and killed it.
72 killed a brothel pro Found a Tigerlilly's brothel prostitute and killed it.
20 killed a crazy preac Killed a crazy preacher.
36 killed a scorpion Found a scorpion and killed it.
36 killed a rattlesnake Found a rattlesnake and killed it.
252 killed a lobstrosity Found a lobstrosity and killed it.
36 killed a small rat Found a small rat and killed it.
480 killed an enforcer d Found an enforcer droid and killed it.
360 killed a chupacabra Found a chupacabra and killed it.
72 killed a simp Found a simp and killed it.
36 killed a snake Found a snake and killed it.
312 killed a hepcat Found a hepcat and killed it.
36 killed a lammergier Found a lammergier and killed it.
180 killed a racist Found a racist and killed it.
360 killed an adolescent Found an adolescent dino and killed it.
36 killed a dream befor Found a dream before person and killed it.
600 killed an ice yeti Found an ice yeti and killed it.
384 killed a stranglevin Found a stranglevine bundle and killed it.
600 killed an Ilids Found an Ilids and killed it.
600 killed a HappyFriend Found a HappyFriend and killed it.
600 killed a Rage Found a rage and killed it.
600 killed a mutant bootlegger Found a mutant bootlegger and killed it.
600 killed a large stormfront dinosaur Found a large stormfront dino and killed it.
36 killed an eradication seeker Found generic eradication seeker and killed it.
36 killed a tentacle raper Found a tentacle raper and killed it.
600 killed a karnivore p Found a karnivore punk and killed it.
396 killed a deep one Found a deep one and killed it.
20 killed a red chud
60 killed a necropolis Found a necropolis spectre and killed it.
600 killed a junker Found a junker and killed it.
36 killed a tankboy Found a tankboy and killed it.
60 killed a spectre Found a spectre and killed it.
600 killed a nullianac Found a nullianac and killed it.
600 killed a gulfhound Found a gulhound and killed it.
600 killed a Tardboy Found a Tardboy and killed it.
408 killed a toxic freak Found a toxic freak and killed it.
600 killed a master vamp Found a master vampire and killed it.
180 killed a nippoacolyt Found a nippoacolyte and killed it.
60 killed a cave spider Found a cave spider and killed it.
180 killed an alligator Found an alligator and killed it.
120 killed a caiman Found a caiman and killed it.
300 killed a crocodile Found a crocodile and killed it.
600 killed ARACHNOTRON Found an ARACHNOTRON and killed it.
36 killed a water Found a water creature (Kraken) and killed it.
180 neutralized an obser Found an observatory zombie and neutralized it.
336 wasted a phagelab zo Found a phagelab zombie and wasted it.
184 chopped a chutney! Killed a chutney in Pike Street Station.

You've had 136/204 species killed, for a lot/30952 XP.