socializer          50XP   the any port

gambler             50XP   the casino

orphan exterminator 50XP   orphanage

hitman              75XP   the any port

mangler             75XP   ???

deliveryboy         100XP  the any port

Deliver local packages for Fat Ratzo.
Given by Fat Ratzo in the any port.
Worth 100 XP, up to ten times.
Available every 2 days.

Find Fat Ratzo in the upstairs lounge of the Any Port bar.  Ask him about 'delivery' and he'll give you a package -- deliver the package to its intended recipient three times, and earn the job XP.

chud hunter         125XP  freedom city

Wipe out an invasion of chuds in FC.
Given by Sgt. Hatred in freedom city.
Worth 125 XP, up to ten times.
Available every 1 day.

Go to the Rapid Reaction Center above City Hall in FC -- contracts are available for various emergency jobs.  Buy the contract, sign it (or have a corp manager sign it), and fulfill the contract to get the job XP.

fisherman           125XP  the shoreline

moonshiner          125XP  the any port

utility worker      140XP  freedom city

chef                150XP  the weyland-utani building

Sell five homecooked meals to the W-U cafe.Given by 6Janice in the weyland-utani building.

Worth 150 XP, up to ten times.Available every 1 day.
Get a cookbook and a stove, find some ingredients, and make a home-cooked meal.  Take your tasty food to the Cafe le Douche in the lobby of the W-U building in Corpclave.  Sell five meals to earn the job XP

medic               150XP  princeton general

Treat five patients at Princeton General hospital.
Given by hospital patient in princeton general.
Worth 150 XP, up to fifteen times.
Available every 1 day.
Get some trauma kits and head to Princeton general hospital in slagtown. 

Find some injured patients and cure their afflictions. 

Cure five patients to get the job XP.

whore               150XP  freedom city

Turn four tricks.
Given by citizen in freedom city.
Worth 150 XP, up to ten times.
Available every 1 day.
You could do this job again right now.

Find a horny citizen (ask them about their 'needs') and fuck 'em!  Fuck four horny citizens for their cash, and you'll get the job XP.

miner               150XP  the ocean cliffs

racist hunter       175XP  freedom city

porn star           175XP  freedom city

baby farmer         175XP  the cave complex

Bring the shoggoth a live human infant.
Given by shoggoth in the cave complex.
Worth 175 XP, up to nine times.
Available every 16 days.

Get a live human infant (you can figure out how to do this, can't you? if not ask WHORE) and bring it to the hideous shoggoth who lurks under the orphanage.  Your gift of tasty food nets you a payment of tasty job XP.

rescue ranger       200XP  freedom city

prisoner hunter     200XP  freedom city

EEE deliveryman     200XP  freedom city

ghostbuster         200XP  slagtown

gladiator           200XP  the colosseum

oil pumper          250XP  the refinery

defender            250XP  freedom city

Help fight off an invasion.
Given by Sgt. Hatred in freedom city.
Worth 250 XP, up to ten times.
Available every 8 days.

Watch FNN TV for updates about invasions in progress.  Intercept an invasion and kill four members of the invading force to complete the job!

raider killer       275XP   ???

mine rescuer        300XP  freedom city

organ repo          300XP  maas-neotek

lumberjack          350XP  botany bay

entomologist        500XP  the crater rim

reactor tech        600XP  diablo seco