This is what you're playing the game for, isn't it?

fuck <person> will allow you start doing the nasty with them, if they've allowed it. Fuck is modified by your endurance and senses. To fuck something, you must have the horny status. If you happen to be female, and your partner is male, he will need an erection (have the horny status) in order for you to proceed. Every time you initiate and finish the act, you have a chance of gaining an IP in fuck. Once you reach orgasm, you will gain the endorphins status effect. This is the refractory period (TATOE) and you must wait for it to pass before before getting horny again. Endorphins will restore your health: fucking is the new "QUAFF POTION". Remember to remove <clothes> or remove all, and help your partner out by strip <item of clothing> from <person>. Heterosexual intercourse (yuck!) can result in pregnancy but luckily, there is a known cure.


Raping is not a command - it is the act of fucking people when they have not allowed sex from you. You need to grab <person> and then fuck <person>. A few things to consider

  • grabbing people will cause stress to you, and they have a chance to escape (what is the escape chance?)
  • grabbing people in front of an FCPD will cause your wanted level to go up
  • if they are wearing any clothing that is obstructing their business parts, you will need to strip them while they are restrained - there is no way to "strip all" from someone
  • this is a fun way to share STDs


fuck <person>

start fucking a person, if they've allowed it, or once they have been grabbed

facefuck <person>

Stick your bits in their face. They must not be wearing any mask sort of clothing in order for it to proceed. Your target doesn't need to be aroused. Also works on decapitated heads.

suck <person>

Delicious. Will fail often if your fuck skill is not high enough.

fondle <person>, fondle <person>'s <body part>

Attempt to get them aroused. Won't work at all if they have the endorphins effect. (diag <person> to check)

Male characters only:Edit

titfuck <person> assfuck <person>

Guess what these do, buddy.


Ugh. Go to Hellfire, drink fountain and wank or something.

Related journal entriesEdit

69 minge binge! What a nice smelling nice smell.
50 bad dream Fucked your own dad in a dream. What the hell, man?
50 breeder The miracle of childbirth!
50 cherry popper Devirginized someone.
50 date rape Made sweet love to that special passed-out something.
50 d-p It's not gay if there's vagina in between.
50 red ribbon Discovered the ancient African AIDS cure.
10 kitten killer Didn't think of the kittens, wanker.
7 The R Crumb Like a couple of dang spider monkeys.
1 baby killer Terminated an inconvenient pregnancy.
1 feeding tube Did it Terri Schiavo-style.
1 gloryhole Performed a public service at the toilet stalls.
1 the clap Contracted an unfortunate social disease.
1 whore Sold your body to the night. ROXANNE!


  • does higher fuck result in a higher probability to payout/higher payout with whoring contracts?
  • why is this so hilarious?


  • the horny status adds a maximum of 5 skill to total fuck
  • the fuck machine mutation increases raw fuck by 4 (also +1 cool, -1 climb, +1 focus, allows you to fant(asize), getting you various levels of horny on command. See the mutations article for details.


Fuck Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
1 1120
Fuck Titles
total ? message
11 Sexually active.
12 A pretty good fuck.
14-15 Libertine.
16-17 A great fuck!
18 What a whore.
20 You slut.
22 God, you sicken me.
24 How do you live with yourself?

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